Decaf Services

Spot Decaf

We carry a vast array of decaffeinated products that are available for immediate delivery. Delivery times depend on the final destination delivery point but generally speaking product can arrive anywhere in North America between 1 to 4 days.

Toll Decaffeination

Although we sell spot coffee, we still offer toll decaffeination services to our valued customers.

Sample Decaffeination

We are still the only decaffeinator to offer sample decaffeination to the trade. We encourage you to try this service.

Product Matching

Have a blend that works. No problem. Send us the blend and we will match the cup profile.

Proprietary Blending

We prepare decaf for many key roasters in the industry. They trust us with the blending formulations and you can too. We have a standard NDA that protects your blends.

Blend Development

We can develop a blend profile to meet your requirements. Our team has many years of experience in this area of expertise.

Green Sourcing

QUSAC sources the green coffee for all our spot decaf. We also source the green components for our customers proprietary blends. We provide many options.

Full Service Logistics

Our team can arrange the details to have your decaf coffee delivered to your door. We take care of all the paperwork at no extra charge. Simply place the order and have the coffee delivered.

Full Service Laboratory

QUSAC has a full service laboratory on site used for our QA and our customer development projects.