Eco-Friendly Decaffeinated Coffee

Our DFE Decaf Process leads the way in environmental friendly processing. Designed For Environment, the DFE Decaf Process raises the quality of our decaf coffee while reducing the carbon footprint of the transformation.

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Complete Solutions, Sustainable Practices

We lead our industry in conserving resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing water consumption and saving landfill capacity.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Our products and services can help you achieve your sustainable lifestyle goals.

  • Decaf Services

    • Spot Decaf
    • Toll Decaffeination
    • Sample Decaffeination
    • Product Matching
    • Proprietary Blending
    • Blend Development
    • Green Sourcing
    • Full Service Logistics
    • Full Service Laboratory
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  • Decaf Products

    • Colombia (type 280)
    • Sumatra Premium G1
    • Sumatra Commercial G2
    • Ethiopia Premium G1
    • Guatemala Premium G1
    • Costa Rica Premium G1
    • Central Premium G1
    • Central Commercial G2
    • Premium 1/3rd Blend G1
    • Commercial 50/50 Blend G2
    • Premium Robusta G1
    • Commercial Robusta G2
    • etc...
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  • Myths & Facts

    • Is my decaf really "100% Chemical Free"?
    • Do I have any risk advertising and marketing my decaf as "100% Chemical Free"?
    • Is my Organic Decaf still considered Organic after the caffeine has been removed?
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Who we are

We are an INDEPENDENT COFFEE DECAFFEINATION COMPANY delivering Eco-Friendly decaffeinated coffee to the coffee trade. Our proprietary DFE Decaf Process is the first to use Target Specific Extraction Technology (TSET). The result is an amazing cup of decaf that is socially responsible and friendly to the environment. We lead our industry in conserving finite resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving landfill capacity.

We offer complete, efficient and cost-effective decaf solutions designed to help you enhance sustainability. With over 20 years of industry experience, we have the expertise required to develop, implement and manage all aspects of your decaf supply chain while reducing your carbon footprint.

More About Us

Company's History


Facility Built

  • MUSAC Decaf founded
  • Mexican technology
  • Canadian investor


New Management

  • QUSAC Decaf founded
  • MUSAC assets purchased
  • Process modernization
  • Headed by Fleming Family


Launch DFE Process

  • Developed TSET
  • Reduce consumption
  • Recycle more
  • Reuse more
Eco-Impact Eco-Friendly




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